Retro.Teknik --------------------------- Home | Projects | For Sale | Wanted | Manuals | Technical | Links This page is no longer Updated. Get Yourself over to NerveJam.Com My Gear Boss DR-55 Drum Machine Mint, Box, Manuals, Boss Stickers. NOT FOR SALE! Kays Memory Rhythm Full Working Order Soundmaster ST-305 Not Working. Cosmetically Challenged! Yamaha CS-5 My Synth. Had it 20 Years. Works Fine. Not for sale. Yamaha PSS-480 Excellent. MIDI, editable sounds. Used it with my Atari ST for years. Yamaha PSS-??? My daughter’s Yammy. Not for sale. Casio VL-1 (*3..) I love these things. One has the bag, and manual. All have battery covers. Tascam Porta 02 (MK2) 4-track recording studio. Got it cheap! The above is a list of the stuff I am currently playing about with. Although they are not currently actively for sale, I AM open to offers. (unless marked as not for sale..)
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