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Welcome to the retro.teknik homepage.

retro.teknik specialises in buying, fixing, and selling obsolete musical technology, such as synthesisers, drum machines, effects pedals, multitrackers and anything else that catches my attention.


Please note that this is a hobby, not a business. I buy faulty equipment, repair it, play with it, and then either keep it, or sell it on and buy some more.



Latest News

Due to a new job, and less time, I've sold off most off my unfinished projects. I'm still interested in buying and selling gear, though.
This site will still be updated occasionally, but it's more likely that I will be setting up SynTeknik.Com, and using that instead.
Synteknik will have the facility to sell manuals and equipment via PayPal.

Update! After a break of a few years, I've decided to get back into this kind of stuff again. Get yourself over to NerveJam.Com and check out my blog...

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Contact: retro.teknik